6 tricks to fight the bad breath of your dog

Everyone who has a dog knows that there are few things that are more rewarding than getting home and that after being all day waiting for you, you will climb on you as you cross the door frame and show you that unconditional love you feel. But we are also aware that sometimes they have a rather unpleasant breath, which makes having the dog by your side licking you is not the same. Since they can not solve it on their own, we show you 6 tricks to combat your dog's bad breath so you can help them with their problem.

Oral hygiene is not just a human thing

Like us, our dogs also need a routine that includes dental cleaning. Normally, brushing your teeth once a week will be enough, however, with a special dog paste. You will have to pay special attention to the bits of food that are left between your teeth, so that there is not one left.

Water, simple but effective

It helps that the water container for the dog is washed regularly, also that this water is changed several times throughout the day in case you do not drink it all. You have to think that just as we do not like to drink from a dirty glass, it will be more pleasant for them to be served fresh water and in a clean bowl.

Proper nutrition is essential

Diets in which meat is very present can lead to bad breath over time. This food is more likely to leave traces between the teeth that eventually end up turning into bacteria which leads to bad breath. It regulates the consumption of meat and as with water, it tries that the container of its food is cleaned after each meal.

Toys and snacks, they love them

There is a wide variety of cookies and toys designed precisely to combat bad breath. Designed with shapes that appeal to them, these toys massage the gums while giving off a good flavor and clean the mouth, being a great ally to put an end to that breath. The appetizers also have nice flavors, so you can enjoy while taking care of your teeth.

The home remedies always present

Parsley is a good option to help us with this problem. It is as easy as serving it chopped on your food or if you do not refuse to drink it, it is also very effective to make an infusion by boiling the parsley so that you take it with your food.

Healthy for humans and dogs

Carrots are very good for the oral hygiene of your dog, in addition to preventing the formation of plaque stimulates the production of saliva by washing the particles of food that are loose in your mouth. You can give them as if they were a toy, they will entertain themselves while taking care of their health.