How to bathe my rabbit dry

Rabbits are very clean animals. They always find a little time to clean themselves as they love to feel clean. Normally it is not necessary to bathe them often, but it is true that in certain occasions there is no choice but to bathe it even if you do not like it very much. For example, if you have a Persian rabbit and your coat gets dirty, it will have to be cleaned, in addition to brushing. But what happens if your rabbit does not like the bathroom? You have another alternative, wash your rabbit dry. Do not worry if you do not know what it is about, from .com we want to explain how to bathe your rabbit in the dry.

Steps to follow:


Baby rabbits do not get wet, so dry bathing is an option. Also, if your rabbit is an adult and does not like bathing, you can also wash it dry.


Dry shampoos for rabbits usually come in dust. Notice that it is suitable for the delicate skin of your rabbit. If you are not very convinced, ask what would be the best shampoo to dry-bath your rabbit.


Be very careful with the nose, ears, eyes and mouth of your rabbit when you apply the powder. To do this, when you throw the powder, carefully cover the head with your hand so it does not irritate you.


When your head is well covered with your hand, throw the powder all over your body.


Once your rabbit has your body covered with powders, take a brush suitable for your hair and brush it with several passes in favor and against the hair. Make it very soft and slowly. Think that if it is the first time you do it you may be nervous, and you will have to get used to it little by little.


By brushing it, you will remove dead hair; where there will also be all the dirt that your rabbit can have in its fur. Repeat the action until you see it is clean.


In this way you can wash your rabbit dry, without having to go through the stress of water, and when you are an adult and get used to it, your pet can be a pleasant activity . Also with the brushing, you can remove all the dead hair and avoid eating it.