Why dogs smell the crotch - discover the reasons!

That uncomfortable feeling of approaching to greet your dog, a friend's pet or any nice dog you find on the street and see how, automatically and without regard, the animal inserts all its snout in your crotch and begins to sniff it . Without a doubt it is an uncomfortable situation! Much more when you are a woman and you are in those days.

It has all happened to us all and feeling uncomfortable is logical, finally dogs have a very developed sense of smell and the first thing we think is that something does not go well with our body odor ... but will it be like that? In this article we explain in detail why dogs smell the crotch, quiet assure you that the problem is not you.

The importance of chemistry for dogs

It is clear that it is not precisely the most pleasant situation in the world, but keep in mind that the dog has no idea that it is smelling an area that for us is delicate and vulnerable. That said, it is important to know that this habit of the dogs is derived from the habit of collecting information from their peers through smell, something that makes them smell the backside of other dogs.

And right in the anal area where there are two bags responsible for secreting various chemicals that allow the dog to know, just by smelling the area, the sex of the animal, its state of health, its sexual availability and other important data. Appropriate sweat glands are responsible for transmitting all this social information to the animal, but they are not the only ones who have them, we also enjoy them and the aromas that we produce are very attractive for dogs.

Why dogs smell the intimate area

In humans and other animals the sudoriparous glands are responsible for producing odorous secretions such as pheromones, these are found throughout the body but are in greater concentration in areas such as the armpits, nipples and the genital and anal areas. Surely now you begin to understand why dogs smell the crotch!

When the animal approaches this delicate area it does so to discover information about us just as it does with other dogs. The aromas that are perceived thanks to these glands allow the dog to know our sex, our state of mind, if we have had relationships recently and in the case of women if they are ovulating, menstruating, pregnant, newly born or lactating; which explains the powerful attraction that dogs feel for females that are in these phases and make us wonder if dogs smell the rule or menstruation, pregnancy, etc.

In fact, many dog ​​owners indicate that during the first weeks of pregnancy, even without their own knowledge of their condition, their pets acquired the frequent habit of smelling their crotch. Quite a curiosity!

What to do if my dog ​​smells the intimate area to other people or to me

Although we know that it is a natural reaction of the dog, it is important not to forget that for some people it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, so it is advisable to be alert of the behavior of our dog during walks. It is not about totally forbidding him to have this behavior, since it is his natural language and repressing it can lead to behavioral problems. Therefore, we recommend to teach him to respect the space between strangers and to approach him sniffing little by little and calmly and do not jump.

It is recommended to walk the large dogs with a strap of one meter long, no more, to avoid getting too close to the crotch of anyone too often. It is also advisable to train them so that they do not launch and jump over people and learn to respect the space of each individual, something that passers-by will thank you very much and will avoid problems.