How to feed a snake

The feeding of a snake is a complex task that we must do in the right way to avoid damage to both ourselves and the animal itself. Because it is an exotic pet, the frequency of feeding has nothing to do with that of a traditional pet. In .com we explain in detail how to feed a snake .

Steps to follow:


An adult or older snake should be fed every two weeks with one or two prey, depending on its size, while a small snake has to be fed every week.


As for the appropriate time of day to give the prey to our pet, the ideal is when the afternoon falls, since snakes are nocturnal animals and most of their energy expenditure will be at night.


It is preferable that we do not feed the snake in the terrarium, to avoid that the animal gets confused and can bite our hand at another time thinking that we are going to feed it . It is best to distinguish perfectly the place of feeding of the resting place.


We can leave the prey in a container so that it is she who takes it. In this way, we will avoid being bumped by mistake.


As for the prey we give to feed, usually mice, it is preferable that they are dead. In this way, in addition to an unpleasant situation, we will prevent the prey from hurting our snake trying to safeguard its life.


We can raise the dams ourselves or buy them in an animal shop. We must think that if we raise them ourselves we will have to go through the trance of killing them before offering them to our pet, although we will gain from the economic point of view.


After the meal, our snake will need a rest of about seven hours to assimilate all the food. We must maintain it in conditions of tranquility during this period.