How to feed Mediterranean turtles

Mediterranean turtles are herbivorous reptiles that are active throughout the day and hibernate during the winter. They can live as a human being and their size is between 12.5 and 13.5 males and 14 and 15 females. They are distributed approximately from Catalonia to the Black Sea and is the only terrestrial turtle found in Europe . The destruction of their habitats and their popularity as domestic animals has made it indispensable to protect them, to ensure the future of this wonderful species. They are mostly herbivores but they can also eat snails and arthropods. Its diet is based on more than 60 different herbaceous species.

Steps to follow:


You can buy food for these turtles in specialized animal stores. There are natural foods such as dried herbs or conglomerates made of different herbs, proteins and high quality fats.


Other foods that you eat can be found naturally, such as dried leaves, clovers, alfalfa, thistles, dandelions, snails or arthropods, etc. It is recommended that these plants be planted in the areas where they live.


Many times, turtles in captivity have problems with feeding, since they are overfed and given things that their bodies can not tolerate at all, such as fruit, meat, cheese, bread, eggs, etc. A part of the foods of the previous point, what can be given are cabbages, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, but always clean of pesticides.


They always need water to drink and they have to have clean water to bathe.

  • It is forbidden to have animals like these at home, so do not do it.
  • It is best to leave the animals free and not interfere, but if you find a wounded animal, for example, if it has been stepped on by a car, you can take it to a veterinarian or a specialized center.