5 breeds of small cats

There are many different breeds of cats, some are very old, however, others are so recent that they still do not know each other very well and, therefore, sometimes it is difficult for us to decide which one may interest us the most. If you are thinking about hosting a cat, you may not know what kind of domestic cat can best suit you and your lifestyle. For example, if you live in an apartment, you may be more interested in a small-sized race rather than a large one. If you want to know some of these curious races, keep reading this article of .com in which we present you 5 breeds of small cats .

The Singapore cat or singapura

One of the 5 best known breeds of small cats is the singapura cat or Singapore, as its name suggests, it is originally from this Asian country and has a very playful, active, cheerful, curious and affectionate character, but perhaps it catches our attention by its small size even as an adult .

It is one of the less heavy breeds and is considered the smallest domestic cat, since they usually weigh between 1.8 and 2.7 kg, with the lowest weight being normal in females and the highest being the usual in the males, but still having such a delicate appearance are muscular felines, strong and agile. Her hair is short, soft and of a color that goes from beige and cream to light brown, always marking a darker shade on her back. Your ears and eyes, which are usually green or amber, look great because of the small size of the rest of your body.

The munchkin cat

Munchkin cats are another breed of small cats and are known for their short legs and for adapting very well to the floor life, although they also love to go out to gardens and terraces. It is a recent breed since it began to be seen in the early 80's and was not consolidated as a breed until 2002. Due to its affectionate nature, its easy to attach to its owner and its little aggressiveness, it is a perfect companion for children.

Its coat can be short or semilargo and of all the colors and existing patterns in the rest of races, same happens with the color of its eyes. Although it has very short legs, it is a muscular and agile race that loves to climb the sites but, obviously, it will have more difficulties than others to flee from possible dangers. Males weigh between 4 and 5 kg, but females usually weigh between 2 and 3 kg .

Bambino cat

The bambino cat is another breed of small cats that is also quite new. It receives this name for the short stature it has because of its short legs like those of its relative the munchkin cat. In addition, it is a domestic feline without hair and, for all this, it is ideal for people who live in a reduced size floor and people who have allergies to hair. Also, it is a small breed, as its adult weight usually does not reach 4 kg .

It is a very new breed, since it is only about 10 years old, which originated after the crossing of the munchkin race and the sphynx race. If you are interested in learning more about this breed and others like it, you can read this article about 7 hairless cat breeds.

Korat cat

One of the 5 oldest breeds of small cats and which is native to the province of Korat in Thailand. The Korat cat is active, playful, cunning, very affectionate and, at times, it can also be quiet and prefer to be more inside than home. His hair can be short or semi-long, very soft and bluish gray and his eyes are usually green and large.

Normally they weigh between 3 and 4.5 kg, although females if they are small can stay at 2 kg and males if they are large can reach up to 5 kg. If you want to know this breed more thoroughly, you can read this article about how the Korat cat is.

Balinese cat

Contrary to what we may think, the Balinese cat is not originally from Bali, but it was given the name by the way it moves, as it reminds the dancers of this island. Its origin is in the United States and it descends from the cross between Siamese and other longhair cats like the Turkish Angora. It is a cat very faithful to its owners, affectionate, active, playful, extroverted and intelligent. Physically it is very similar to the Siamese cat breed, very stylized and of the same colors, although it has medium length hair throughout the body and longer still in the tail. It is another breed of small size that usually weighs around 3 kg although, in the case of males, they can reach up to 5 kg if they are very large.

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