How much a Boxer dog should weigh

The Boxers are considered one of the best breeds of dogs for children, this is due to their cheerful and friendly nature, their great energy and above all the patience they have for the little ones, no matter how restless they may be. It is an animal that retains its spirit of play even in adulthood, being a great companion for the whole family. But like any pet requires care, and one of the most important has to do with keeping it at an appropriate weight to ensure your health, so in .com we explain how much a Boxer dog should weigh .

Steps to follow:


The Boxer is a large breed dog that, despite everything, can adapt very well to life in a flat if trained properly and allowed to perform the amount of daily exercise you need.

It is good to keep in mind that this animal should not run too much especially under a very hot climate, because its flattened snout makes it difficult for adequate breathing in cases of excessive cardiovascular exercise.


When asked how much a Boxer dog should weigh, the answer will depend on the sex of the animal. In the case of adult males, the weight of them according to the FCI must be between 30 kilos.


The Boxer females must have a weight around 25 kilos, because in stature they are smaller than the males.


Game and physical activity are very important for this breed, because as a good big dog it needs daily exercise. This will also help you stay healthy, socialize with other animals and have an ideal weight throughout your life, so daily walks accompanied by the game will be essential.


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