How to feed a malnourished cat

If a cat that has serious problems of malnutrition has reached your hands you will have to get down to work to recover its weight and health. Diet is the most influential element of a pet's health status. If you have gone hungry you will have lost kilos, fur, changes in the texture of the skin, vision and a weakened immune system and these are just some of the problems you may have. In .com we tell you how to feed a malnourished cat .

Steps to follow:


When a cat suffers from malnutrition, it can suffer many consequences due to lack of food. Eye problems, skin problems, light weight, heart problems, are some of the ailments that a malnourished feline can face. You should take special care when you start feeding a malnourished cat and choose your food and your rations with caution so that you get used little by little to the food you eat. You must be prudent and patient to help your cat and recover.


It is recommended that you lift the cat and wrap it in a blanket to warm it and also to avoid being bitten or scratched; It will also be a way to make you feel safe and secure. Think that this cat may have suffered abuse, neglect or had a bad life on the street before reaching your arms. Being surrounded by that blanket will help your cat to have its body temperature is normal so try to be in an area free of drafts or excessive heat so it does not get sick.


Once you get the cat to be calm and warm, you can start feeding it some wet feed . It will be the most appetizing and easy food to take, it is best to follow a veterinary prescription diet designed to cover all your needs or nutritional deficiencies. This type of food will work miracles in your feline and you will see how it recovers. To give you the most appropriate food you can ask a veterinarian for advice at the moment you take him to have a medical checkup to assess his general health status.

To feed a malnourished cat you should look for food with a high protein content of animal origin and you must make sure that carbohydrates such as wheat and corn are not among the main ingredients. The selected food should also take into account your age and if you have any health problems diagnosed after the medical examination. If you want you can opt for homemade healthy food for cats.


To feed a malnourished cat it is important to maintain an atmosphere of calm and tranquility that favors the intake. Stress is the enemy of these situations, so do your best to reduce your anxiety by creating an environment full of peace. Then, you can present limited amounts of wet food since you have to prevent the cat from eating fast and in large quantities, because it could make you sick. You must offer frequent and small rations to make possible a gradual weight gain.

If you notice that you do not eat on your own, you can use food supplements. There are gels with a high percentage of calories that can help stimulate appetite. Another way to feed it is to give it moist food with a syringe, lowering its texture with water, or with a low-salt meat broth made especially for your cat.


Although you can follow these guidelines, you should go to the vet anyway to know the state of your cat's health and know everything you can do for it. You will also know the extent of his starvation and the consequences he has suffered. Depending on how severe the malnutrition is and the period of time the cat has gone hungry, it could suffer heart, kidney, and liver problems.