What is the smallest mammal in the world

For no one is a secret that humans are mammals, we belong to the group of vertebrate animals whose females have mammary glands that serve to feed their young. Next to us we find animals such as gorillas, chimpanzees, dogs and cats, among others of larger and smaller size. But do you know which is the smallest mammal in the world ? We explain it to you in detail in this article of .com

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The smallest mammal in the world is the shrew, an animal that at first glance could resemble mice but is not a rodent, but according to the scientists point down very possibly the mole or hedgehogs. It is characterized by its long snout and very small eyes and, of course, by its small size.


The shrew has a body that can measure between 3 cm and 5 cm and a tail that varies between 1 cm and 2 cm, which means that this animal does not normally exceed 7 cm really small to be a mammal!

And not to mention its weight, which usually ranges between 2 and 3 grams, so light that you will not even notice it in your hand.


The smallest mammal in the world has tiny eyes that do not allow you to see too clearly, so your whiskers are so important, they allow you to orient yourself in space. The shrew is native to central and northern Africa, although today we can find it widely spread in Europe, Asia and America.

In fact, in the Asian continent inhabits a species, known as the homemade shrew, which is the largest size: about 15 centimeters in length.


What impresses most about the smallest animal in the world is the enormous amount of food that it ingests for its weight and size. The shrew eats approximately every two hours because it has a very fast metabolism, and can get to eat its own weight in food, something quite surprising.

It is also interesting to know that it is also the most active mammal, and that the shrews hunt both day and night, fighting iron to get food, which is basically composed of insects. They will be small, but they are very tough.