What is the most intelligent animal in the world

Have you ever wondered about the most intelligent animal of all? It is well known that the human being has the ability to reason, communicate and self-consciously but are we alone on our planet? Many scientists and biologists have spent years studying and analyzing the behavior of some animals to determine their intelligence and be able to assess their intellectual capacity regardless of their ability to communicate with us. In this article we are going to clear up your doubts about it, indicating which is the most intelligent animal in the world .

The chimpanzee, the brother of the human being

The chimpanzee is the most intelligent mammal in the world, in fact, he is even capable of imitating man and using tools with his hands. Although he does not have the anatomical capacity to speak and create words, the truth is that he does have a communication system based on different sounds, cries, grunts and others that express to the rest of his community different messages that can speak of themselves ( if they are happy, angry, sad, etc.) as well as warning about different aspects of the environment (if there is danger, if there is food, etc.); thus, they have a non-verbal communication that is assumed by all the members of the collective.

In addition to this, it has been observed that chimpanzees have the ability to use tools but also to manufacture them! In day to day they are able to make a stick can be used as a tool to catch ants, for example, or also use stones or branches to defend themselves against their enemies.

We should not forget that 98% of the chimpanzee's DNA is the same as ours and, for this reason, they can perform tasks similar to ours. Their ability to reason logically is highly developed and, therefore, can solve some problems or even understand sign language.

The dolphin, the most intelligent aquatic animal

We went from the terrestrial to the aquatic environment to meet the second most intelligent animal in the world: the dolphin . It is known that they use gestures and sounds to communicate, a noise similar to a whistle with which different messages can be launched within their social community. In fact, that they are animals that live in herds allows their communication system to be richer and more varied than among other species; his whistles are issued both to send warning messages but, also, to identify mothers, to play, to throw races, and so on.

Its communicative system moves in different frequencies and, depending on what is used, it means one thing or another. Trying to decode these sounds is a task that many scientists and specialists have been testing for years, in order to decipher the entire system that these animals have.

Within their natural habitat, dolphins can communicate to develop strategies that allow them to capture prey or defend themselves against some enemies. In addition to this, they are animals that do not practice sex for purely reproductive purposes, but also for pure pleasure.

Other intelligent mammals

But the list does not end here. There are other animals that can also boast of having a remarkable intelligence and, in fact, surely some of them you did not expect to find them in this list. Next we will discover other mammals that also have a great intellectual capacity.

The elephants

When we speak of the "memory of the elephants" we mean, precisely, that these animals have a great retentive. But, first of all, it emphasizes its great communicative capacity within its herd since, as it happens with dolphins or chimpanzees, the fact that they live in society encourage their communicative development to be able to understand each other with the same members. But, in the case of the elephants, this society goes a little further and even comes to take care of the sick or perform some funeral rites when a member dies.

The pigs

Yes. Although you probably did not expect it, pigs are very intelligent animals that can even be domesticated in a more controlled way than dogs. They have a great capacity to memorize images and to adapt to different environments in order to survive.

The most intelligent bird: the crow

Within the world of birds, the one that stands out as the most intelligent of all is the crow. It is an animal that is able to use different tools and tricks to be able to hunt its prey and, in addition, communicate with the other members of its group in order to improve the hunting system and ensure its food. It is one of the animals that best organize to attack in a group and, in fact, is able to remember the faces of people.

In addition to this, they have a communicative system through sounds; In addition, the social bond is so great that it is known that they have strong social ties and a great sense of family and fatherhood.

The case of the octopus

Octopus is also one of the most intelligent animals in the world . Thanks to his body and physical conditions, this animal is a perfect escapist that can camouflage before your eyes when you feel the danger but, in addition, can perform tasks such as opening a jar or solve other everyday problems.

They are the most intelligent within invertebrates and biologists have determined that their brain shares some characteristics with our brain, such as being able to process some messages from vision or touch.

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