What is the largest animal in the world

The animal kingdom is full of amazing species that are able to leave us with their mouths open: some animals run very fast, others fly very fast and other animals are a bit strange. But if you are the kind of person who hallucinates when you see the size of an African elephant, keep reading this article of .com in which we discover which is the largest animal in the world . You will hallucinate!

The biggest animal is ... a worm!

Yes, yes: you read correctly. The largest animal in the world is a worm, specifically, the Lineus longissimus popularly known as the "lace bootworm". The largest specimen was found in the National Park of the Cies Islands, on the Galician coast, where a 30-meter-long specimen was found.

However, this is not the largest specimen that has been found: in fact, in its natural habitat, in Great Britain, a 60-meter worm has been found. With these data we can say that the Lineus longissimus is the largest animal on the planet, without a doubt.

The largest mammal in the world

How were we going to make an article about the largest animal in the world without mentioning the whales? The blue whale is the largest mammal that inhabits the Earth when measuring between 25 and 30 meters in length. The weight of this whale amounts to more than 200 tons and is able to eat between 4 and 8 tons of krill every day (a set of malacostracean crustaceans that serve as food for blue whales).

The largest blue whale specimens were found in the 1930s near the South Atlantic Islands. As a curiosity, it should be noted that when a blue whale exhales air through its orifice, it shoots a strong jet that can reach up to 9 meters high!

The largest ovípedo in the world

We follow our list submerged underwater because the largest ovípedo in the world also lives in the deep sea. We are talking about the whale shark, a fish that can measure between 6 and 10 meters and weigh about 18 tons.

Its natural habitat is the Indian Ocean, especially the northwest of Australia. It feeds on plankton and is a very docile and friendly animal with humans.

The largest reptile in the world

And we finish our list on which is the largest animal in the world talking about the largest reptile in the world : the anaconda. This fearsome freshwater snake lives in the tropical climates of South America, especially in the Amazon area.

It is an animal that has caused the appearance of many myths, among them, the supposed existence of an anaconda 50 meters long. However, never have seen such large specimens being 6 meters the normal size of the anacondas with an average weight of 250 kilos and a thickness of 40 centimeters. She is, without a doubt, the queen of reptiles!