How to travel by car with my cat

Having a cat as a pet involves a series of responsibilities, which we can clearly see on certain occasions. One of them, very explicit, is when we are preparing to travel by car with him, since in that displacement we must carry out a series of actions, both prior and during the duration of it. From .com we answer to your question how to travel by car with my cat . Thus, you can move without difficulties and, above all, with guarantees that you travel correctly with your cat.

Before the trip

Almost no cat likes to travel, is an action that you can check whenever you move to the vet. Therefore, to avoid complications when traveling with your feline, it is best to prepare and educate them with time. This means that it is important that the animal is used to traveling, because otherwise, it will be too scared and will not be quiet during the journey.

During the trip

There are several aspects that you must take care of when traveling with your cat by car, which range from your care and protection to those of other travelers who travel with you in the car.

1.- Cage : It is important that you have a suitable cage for the displacement. If your cat is small (or if the trip is short) you can use your carrier. But if the dimensions are higher and the duration of the displacement also the best thing is that you buy a wide cage, and that you place it in a space of the car coherently conditioned, in which the animal is not exposed to extreme temperatures.

2.- Arena : Keep in mind that your cat will need to do their needs in the same way and frequency to which you are accustomed at home. Therefore, count among your luggage with a box and sand for your pet, which you must attach to your cage.

3.- Food and water : In parallel, you also have to take care of the feeding and hydration of the cat during the trip, so provide some food and water so that it is properly fed but not exceeding so that it is not affected by possible dizziness.

4.- Toys : They are very useful for cats that get especially nervous when they travel. If you put your toys or a garment in the cage they know, they will identify it and associate it with security, so you will be calmer and the passengers of the car will be able to enjoy the trip.

Steps to avoid and recommendations

Among the things you should not do when traveling by car with your cat is to get it out of the cage or the car . This is a major problem since you do not know what your response will be. We also recommend that you have it properly vaccinated, especially if you are going to travel outside of Spain, since the regulations of each country are different.