How to travel with a cat easily

Cats are usually very susceptible animals that feel a lot of changes. If you do not get used to traveling from childhood, changes in space will generate a lot of stress. To do this, buy a cage to travel in which you feel comfortable and do not open it until you have a reasonable time in the destination. In .com we give you some tips so you can discover how to travel with a cat easily .

Steps to follow:


If you plan to travel by plane with your cat, inform yourself well with the airline that you do it, since each one has its rules regarding the transport of animals. Keep in mind that cats travel in a part of the warehouse, it does not go with you in the seat. Find out about the cage measures and how to make a pleasant and safe air travel possible for them.


If you travel by train, also check it before buying the ticket as you may have to pay a special price. In general, if there is space in the type of seat you are traveling in, you can take your cat's cage on your knees or nearby. Prepare it well so that food and garbage do not fall on the floor of the train and so that the cat does not dirty anything.


If you travel by bus, the process is similar to the train. Ask the company if it is possible to take the cat and which way is the best. Carry it as tight as possible as it can suffer blows with braking.


When you go in your car, it is advisable not to leave the cat loose because it could hinder your concentration by driving, in addition the animal may suffer a blow. If you carry it in your arms, you can use a basket. But if you can not be near it, look for a comfortable and safe cage that moves little and protects it from braking.

  • If you travel for a few days, better not take the cat.